Godly Play Online: The Ten Best Ways

This week’s Godly Play lesson is The Ten Best Ways from The Complete Guide to Godly Play: Volume 2 by The Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman

Told by Godly Play® UK Trainer, Kathryn Lord.

This week’s lesson takes place once again in the desert box, which is an important setting for many of the sacred stories. We hear about the people of God who have been led through the water to safety and are free to live how they wish and what is the best way to live? Through Moses, God gives the people of God (and us) the Ten Best Ways to live. 

***Please note: if your child is younger than six years old, you might prefer to stop the story after the first three tablets are shared (Love God; Love People; God Loves you) and then pick the story up for the ending and the wondering questions. Older children can hear all the commandments; you know your child best!

After you’ve watched the story, you might like to ask the wondering questions again – pausing after each question to leave enough time for your child to ponder and respond, if they wish – if they don’t that’s okay! I would encourage you to accept and affirm all answers simply by repeating exactly what the child said.

The wondering questions are:

1.    I wonder what part of the Ten Best Ways you liked best?  (Affirm by saying – “You liked XXXX best”). *where XXXX is whatever the child said
2.    I wonder which one is the most important? (Affirm by saying – “The most important one is XXXX”.)  *where XXXX is whatever the child said
3.    I wonder which one is especially about you? (Affirm by saying – “The one that is especially about you is “XXXXX”.  *where XXXX is whatever the child said
4.    I wonder if there are any we could leave out and still have all we need?  (Affirm by saying – “The part of the story we could leave out and still have all we need is XXXX”.)  *where XXXX is whatever the child said

After the wondering, while we don’t direct children in their work, some suggestions might be:

·       That they draw or paint the part of the story they liked best
·       That they gather some of their toys to retell the story
·       Or…..