Godly Play Online: Parable of the Good Shepherd

Dear Godly Play Families:

This week’s Godly Play lesson is the “Parable of the Good Shepherd”
From The Complete Guide to Godly Play®
By The Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman
Told by Godly Play® US Trainer Ryan Campbell.

Each week after hearing the Godly Play story, the children are invited to do their work.
Since things are different for now, and trying not to direct our children – letting them choose, some ideas might be for children to perhaps extend the story:
1. By drawing or painting the story. I wonder what they might include: -perhaps some sheep and a shepherd, and maybe some wolves?!
2. Or, dress up like shepherds and imagine they are protecting the sheep? Or be the sheep in the story? Or the wolves!
3. Or, use lego or other toys and objects they can find to re-tell the story?
4. Here is a PDF of a sheep that children could glue cotton balls, or cheerios onto to represent the wool, or colour, if they’d like a craft type activity.
5. Or……?

We hope you enjoy this week’s Godly Play story.